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(Minor spoilers for Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep, Kingdom Hearts: 358/2, Kingdom Hearts 2. Major spoilers for Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, Kingdom Hearts RE: Chain of Memories, and Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance. You have been warned.)

The name's Lea. Got it memorized?

I used to be a Nobody - That's what remains of a person with a strong heart after they've been turned into a Heartless. It happened to a lot of us in Radiant Gardens the day Darkness overran the place. Me and Isa, we were just kids then, but Darkness doesn't really care about that, you know?

Anyway, once our Heartless got up and ran off, what remained of us ended up being picked up by Organization XIII. For a being who supposedly doesn't have a heart, it seemed like the ideal choice; our entire existence was based around finding a way to create hearts, and in the process, change ourselves back into our Somebody. Turns out, the whole gig was just a trick that our leader, Xemnas, was using to try and put the heart of some guy named Xehanort into all of us. I found out later that after a while a Nobody starts to develop a heart. Something about experiences shaping memories which create the heart... I'm not really sure how it works, but I'm glad it happened, 'cause I ended up being incompatible with this Xehanort guy's heart. Sucks, I know, but don't feel too bad for me. Xehanort wasn't the nicest guy anyway.

But man, what a time I had back with the Organization. Me and Isa - well, back then we were Axel and Siax, I suppose - came in together, and for a long time, things were nice. We went out, we fought Heartless, we furthered the research into the heart, followed Xemnas... it was tough, but it was an alright life. It felt good to be doing something productive, though later it turned out to be a front for Xehanort's big plan. Still, back then, it wasn't bad. Days off were the best, though. Getting to sleep all day was a rare treat.

And then I met Roxas, who was the Nobody of a kid named Sora. Turns out, this "Sora" kid had a special trick; he had a weapon called a Keyblade which made him indispensable to the Organization. See, most of us could kill Heartless just fine, but we couldn't capture the hearts to study them. The Keyblade, though, allowed Roxas to capture the hearts taken from the Heartless he beat, which made the research a lot faster. At first it was just business, but I had a bit of a soft spot for kids, so I took him to a special place - the top of a clock tower in Twilight Town. It became a regular meet-up place for us. We'd go up there, eat Sea-Salt ice cream, talk about our missions and the Organization... after a while, though, he asked a question that really threw me for a loop: "Are we friends?" See, Nobody's aren't supposed to have hearts, so we aren't supposed to have emotions. We weren't supposed to be able feel happy or sad or anything, so having "friends" was basically another word for having partners. But Roxas didn't mean it like that, and it got me questioning a lot of things. Turns out, Nobodies actually do have hearts, though I didn't figure that out until after I became a Somebody again.

Anyway, after a while, I got assigned to Castle Oblivion, one of our major strongholds. While I was there, I met a guy named Sora - who, it turns out, was Roxas' original Somebody. Now, you're not supposed to be able to have a Nobody and still exist as a Somebody, so this kid was really something. Not only that, but he had a really strong heart. I almost envied the kid; even when his memory was mixed up and twisted by Namine, he followed his heart to the very end and actually managed to keep himself all the way to the top of Castle Oblivion, punching his way through a couple of Organization members along the way. He even managed to take down the Castle's Keeper, Marluxia. Me, I was there as a precaution; see, Marluxia and his cronies had a plan to overthrow the Organization. Xemnas sent me to earn their trust, find out what they were up to, and do a little bit of clean up if things got out of hand. Of course, with the arrival of Sora I was kept pretty busy.

When I finally got back to Organization XIII, though, things were a bit different. Meeting and talking with that Sora kid, and knowing who Roxas was now, I couldn't really work up the same energy I'd had before. I didn't get it at the time, but I think I was starting to really get back my heart then. Then, the day came when Roxas abandoned the Organization. the words he said to me that day... "No one will miss me." Even though I wasn't supposed to have a heart, I was crushed. I wanted to tell him that, but in the end, I didn't call out to him. Pretty pathetic, huh?

He went missing for a long while, but the Organization wasn't about to let their prize go. So, they sent me looking for him, and what do you know? Somehow this guy name ZiD had turned Roxas into data and put him into a digital Twilight Town. I followed him in, tried to get him back, but he'd forgotten about me... I guess he'd had his memory wiped or something. After a few more tries, I thought he was starting to get his memory back, but it was just a fluke. Then he pulled out his Keyblade - two of them, actually. It was scary, fighting him, and in the end I was forced to retreat. Then... he found Namine, who took him to Sora in Castle Oblivion, and he rejoined with him.

Once again, I was crushed. For the longest time, I blamed Sora for what happened. I thought that, if Sora had never existed, or if he had just stayed asleep, I could have brought Roxas back, and everything would have been just like before. Pretty stupid, huh? By the end, though, I realized that Roxas was Sora, and Sora was Roxas. So, when Sora went to put an end to the Organization, I went traitor and helped him along the way. Thought it had killed me.

And then, next thing I knew, I was waking up in Radiant Garden, only there was no dark. I looked in a mirror, and suddenly I realized; my markings were gone. I was a Somebody again. And that's when I became Lea again. Not just me, either. There were a few others who were brought back at the same time. But there were two missing: Braig, who had been the No. 2 in Organization XIII... and Isa, my childhood friend. So, I went looking for them in the different worlds. The first place I checked was the Disney Castle, and while I didn't find them there, I did find something else; King Mickey and his pals facing off against Maleficent and Pete, a couple of baddies I recognized from my days as Axel. They'd kidnapped the queen and were demanding some sort of data. I don't know what that was about, but it was a tough spot for the guys, so I stepped in and saved the day. Bet you can't imagine their surprise when they saw 'me' step out of the portal; after all, I was supposed to be dead. After a bit of talking to them, I found out that Sora and another guy named Riku were taking something called the "Mark of Mastery" exam, and that something had gone wrong. So, I went back with them. I had my own reasons, of course, but I was also worried about Sora. Even if he wasn't Roxas anymore, he was still my friend, you know?

Turns out, this guy Xehanort had hijacked the whole thing from the beginning. The exam was taking place in their dreams, and apparently the two had been locked into a dream within a dream...? Something complicated like that. Anyway, I agreed to jump in along with King Mickey to find the guys, and like that we were off. It took a while, but I finally found them - again, right in the nick of time. I'm starting to worry that this is going to become a constant thing. Xehanort was saying something about this "Key" blade - not the kind of thing that Sora and Riku and the King use, but the original from which those were copied. Something about a big war in the past to get to the real Kingdom Hearts, but it shattered into twenty pieces. Seven pieces of light, thirteen of darkness. That's why Xemnas, who it turns out was actually Xehanort's nobody, had originally created Organization XIII; to insert Xehanort's darkness into the thirteen members, and then to have them clash with the seven Warriors of light, who are the Keyblade wielders. When that didn't work, he did something else; bring twelve of his "selves" together, and put Sora into a deep sleep in order to make him the thirteenth. But, I managed to jump in just in time to stop Xehanort from putting his heart into a sleeping Sora's body. And who did I see when I did that? Braig's Nobody, Xigbar, sitting in one of the chairs. And... Isa was there, too. He'd already been infected with Xehanort's heart, and attacked me. Another one of those gut wrenching moments. After that, though, Xehanort was apparently out of time, and so he and his other selves vanished. After that, me, Riku, Mickey, and the two goofballs - Donald and Goofy, I think? We all got back to the real world, but Sora was still asleep, so Riku dove back into Sora's dreams to save him.

When Sora woke up, the kid wanted to throw a party with his friends - with Riku still asleep, too. At first I thought it was thoughtless, but then I realized that it was just trust in his friend. When Riku woke up, the party began in full. It was a great way to end the day after everything that had happened. But of course, business calls, and the sorcerer who had sent me in after the two - some greybeard named "Yen Sid" - made Riku a Keyblade Master. Sora didn't get the title, but he was really happy for Riku, and didn't really seem to mind that he hadn't been chosen. Good for him!

And then they asked me why I was there. Actually, I'd come to Yen Sid's tower to try and get my own Keyblade. Everybody looked so surprised when I said that - even the sorcerer man. I didn't think anything could surprise him, so that was a nice treat. I teased them about how, when I'd rescued them, I was going to come swooping in, Keyblade in hand... but I just couldn't get them to manifest. "Must be something in the flick of the wrist," I'd say, and flipped out my hand... and suddenly it was there. My Keyblade. It just... appeared in my hand. I was amazed that it had actually appeared! But at the same time, there was a new weight on my shoulders; if I had a Keyblade, that meant that, sooner or later, I was going to have to fight Xemnas along with Sora, Riku, and Mickey, and the other three Keyblade wielders that were out there somewhere. Scary thought, but at the same time, I was pumped. A chance to put an end to Organization XIII for good, and to stop Xehanort's twisted scheme, all coming to realization with that strange new blade that was in my hands... what more could I ask for?

And that's where I stand now. I don't know when the war will begin, or what the future holds, but for now, I have my heart, I have my Keyblade, and I have my friends. That's enough for a guy to live on, for now. And when they need me, I'll be ready.

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